Do you ask yourself “Why I Feel Lonely”? Do you find it hard to cope with the feelings of loneliness and worthlessness? Did you know that in 2013, Psychology Bulletin published a study which says that the social circle of average adults has contracted over the past few decades?

This study indicates that the feeling of loneliness is increasing day by day in people. Even in this situation, people start losing hope for the future. Also, they find it very difficult to enjoy the aspects of life.

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You may have tried to overcome this feeling but failed to do so. Besides, you started worrying that you will never get out of this situation. This is a traumatic condition to be in, but fortunately the problem “Why I Feel Lonely?” is resolvable.

In this article, you will get to know the symptoms and causes of loneliness. Also, you will figure out, what you can do to overcome this problem.

Symptoms When I Feel Lonely

Before finding ways to get rid of loneliness, you need to know the nature of this problem. Given below are some of the symptoms, through which you can grasp the idea of the situation when you feel lonely.

symptoms of loneliness

Feeling Exhausted While Waking Up

According to research, we are more likely to suffer from a split sleep, if we are lonely. It means that your sleep cycle is badly interrupted and you could not sleep properly during the night. Besides, you feel exhausted, when you wake up despite having enough sleep.

Temptation To Self-Medication In Order To Escape The Feeling Of Loneliness

When you feel loneliness you try to self medicate with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping or anything else that can distract you from this feeling. A study says that people try to fill the void when they are alone. Basically, they hope that these acts of happiness will make up for the depression and sadness they feel.

Getting Down Over Little Things While Feeling Lonely

One of the common symptoms of loneliness is that you get down over little things. You easily get frustrated, irritated, and sad. It becomes hard for you to concentrate on a thing for a long time. Nothing seems to be exciting and enjoyable for you.

Depression Makes You Feel Lonely

Depression is not always related to the symptoms of loneliness. However, when you suffer depression you do not care about your personal maintenance. You feel worthless, struggle with anxiety, and previous passion does not feel exciting anymore.

Why I Feel Lonely?

There are various reasons for feeling loneliness. If you start asking this question to yourself, you may understand the cause. Given below are some of the causes of loneliness, which can help you trigger your reason for this unpleasant experience.

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Surface Friends Make You Feel Lonely

One of the most common reasons for feeling lonely is that you may have many friends to go out with you or to laugh with you but they are surface friends. None of them feel closer to you.


For an introvert person, it is quite natural to sit quietly in a group. So if you are an introvert, it is possible that you are not doing much to connect with your friends and that is leading you towards loneliness.

Past Events Reminding “I Feel Lonely”

If a person had experienced a traumatic event in the past or if he is not sure about letting a person in, then he might not let his friends really know them. Similarly, if you hide your true identity from your friends then they cannot get close to you, hence causing loneliness in you.

Comparing Yourself With Others At Social Media 

When you spend too much time on social media, you constantly start comparing your life to the stuff you see online. It leads you towards feeling dissatisfied and lonely. You must keep in mind that on social media, people show an idealized form of themselves. Also, it leaves others feeling like they are not happy as compared to them.

How Can I Overcome Loneliness?

We cannot miraculously solve every problem we have in our lives. However, we can learn to feel better from today. You just have to build a foundation and gradually start creating an everyday reality so that you can actually feel good. Given below are some tips to overcome the traumatic experience of feeling lonely:

how can i overcome loneliness

Accept Loneliness As A Feeling

Do not let yourself fall in the vent of believing that this feeling of loneliness is forever. You are feeling lonely today does not mean that you will remain in this situations forever or you do not have someone to care for you.

 Remind yourself that loneliness is just like other feelings which are impermanent. Accept this feeling and then focus on how to move forward. 

Meet New People

There can be some people in your life that you wish you were closer to. So do not hesitate to approach them, make plans, make contacts and other arrangements that you can make. Be Brave to reach them out and it is possible they become happy that you did this.

Disconnect From Social Media To Avoid Feeling Lonely

As we have discussed earlier, spending too much time on social media can generate false perceptions. So rather than checking the images of best selves and happiest moments of others, step back from your social media accounts for a while.

 Try to look at social media once a day, or a week. Besides, try to see if this makes any difference to your feelings of loneliness. Also, ask yourself what impact this has made on you. 

Write A Journal About “Why I Feel Lonely?”

Whenever you feel low, start doing things that gradually turn your perspective towards positive. For this purpose, you can start writing a journal or a personal diary about feeling lonely. Write 5 things that make you happy. In this way, you will challenge yourself to foster and find happiness in your life.

Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company

When you internalize a message that you can never be happy alone and for this you need others, then you get stuck in the feeling of loneliness. However, there are a lot of things which you can do alone to be happy, such as:

  • Take a walk in nature
  • Have your favorite meal
  • Plan a day-trip.
  • Make a to-do list to make yourself happy

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

In the last, some of the best things to overcome your loneliness in to try new things. You can:

  • Join a book group,
  • Learn a new skill
  • Go to a club dedicated to one of your major passions,
  • Make new social connections.

 Do not fear to come out of your comfort zone. Remind yourself that there is nothing you will lose. At the worst possible side, you will grow as a person and have new experiences under your belt 

Loneliness is just a feeling which you can overcome with a little effort. You just have to get out of your comfort zone. Try these tips and tell us how these were effective for you. Also if you want to share any other solution which could help others then hit them down in the comments sections. For more articles of your interest, visit Self-Development & Growth category at InspiringBrains.

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